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Our Team


Professor Heather Flowe

Principle Investigator 

Prof. Heather Flowe is an experienced researcher in the field of forensic psychology, sexual violence and eyewitness memory. Working with individuals from around the world, Prof. Flowe is incredibly passionate regarding  the creation of innovative methods to document and preserve survivors memory evidence.

Dr. Melissa Colloff


Dr. Melissa Colloff specialises in eyewitness identification and lineup procedures, including novel technology to improve the accuracy of eyewitness identifications. For this project, Dr. Colloff offers specific expertise in memory, statistics and data science.

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Dr. James Rockey


Dr. James Rockey is an Associate Professor at the University of Leicester, whose research interests include Political Economics, Applied Economoetrics and Economic Growth. For this project he offers specific expertise in international development economics.


Dr. Dorothy Njoroge


Dr. Dorothy Njoroge is an Assistant Professor of Corporate & Development Communication at United States International University-Africa. She has a firm interest in gender issues and is currently training civil society organisations on strategic advocacy on gender-based violence. For this project, Dr. Njoroge has a specific expertise in journalism, communication and sexual and gender based violence in Kenya.

Dr Dorothy Njoroge.jpg

Wangu Kanja

International Partner 

Wangu Kanja is the founder of the Wangu Kanja Foundation (WKF), following her own experience with sexual violence in 2002. The WKF is an established 15-year-old NGO which is highly experienced in sexual violence in Kenya and is well-connected to tackle the issue and bring dignity to survivors. She has founded the Survivors of Sexual Violence Network Kenya and created MobApp, the method used to collect data on sexual violence in Kenya.

Sarah Rockowitz

Doctoral Researcher

Sarah is a PhD student at the University of Birmingham studying post-rape barriers to medico-legal service provision in Kenya and India. Her previous work and research includes social and behavioural interventions in international health and health inequalities in health policy.


Laura Stevens

Doctoral Researcher

Laura is a PhD student at the University of Birmingham investigating mobile applications to preserve and protect memory evidence in rape. Her research interests include sexual violence and investigative interviewing.

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