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In November 2021 we learned that we’d been successful in our application to the Arts & Humanities Research Council for follow on funding to produce a 30-minute documentary film about sexual violence in Kenya. Drawing on the research of the Rights for Time Network, the documentary will be a survivor led examination of the long-lasting effects of sexual violence, particularly the often-forgotten social stigma that survivors face in the aftermath of their experiences. The production will ensure that the voices of survivors themselves are heard and empowering them both in Kenya and globally.

Working closely with the Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kenya Network and the Wangu Kanja Foundation, and drawing on the expertise of our team of academics, the piece will raise awareness of the structural inequality that stands in the way of justice and recovery for survivors of sexual gender-based violence. We aim to raise awareness in Kenya itself through the release of the film, but will also show it internationally, to enable existing global networks of sexual survivors to gain insight into the experiences of Kenyan survivors.

Our plan for dissemination is to use a variety of mediums to get the film and its findings out into the world, including social media platforms, TV stations and cinema screenings. Keep watching this space for opportunities to watch it upon its release.

The Team

Professor John Mugubi
Kenyatta University
Wangu Kanja
The Wangu Kanja Foundation
Professor Heather Flowe
The University of Birmingham
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